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"Your Heart's Desire" set. Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls, sterling silver. Magnetic clasp, $35.

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project classes
Warner Hutton House

Beading As A Pro/BYOB beading classes at Saratoga Recreation:
To register: www.saratoga.ca.us/recreation or in person. Questions: 408.868.1249
Warner Hutton House, 13777 Fruitvale Avenue, Saratoga, CA, 95070.

If you appreciate beautiful jewelry and are interested in creating it, then this class is for you!
Relax and recharge with inspiring projects, good music, great company, and individual attention.
Some students call it art therapy for the bayareans! No previous experience required.
You’ll learn the professional jewelry-making techniques while making elegant and versatile pieces.
The material fee is paid to the instructor on the first day of the class. Additional materials are available for purchase. Tools are provided.
Instructor: Lena Okin.

Spring 2019:

"Spring Pendant with Coiled Elements", $35.
Matching earrings, $22.

May Project class
Celebrate spring and blossoms with "Spring Pendant"- a mixture of stones and Swarovski crystals with artistic coil details. You'll learn wire-wrapping regular beads and briolettes. Material fee $35. Construct your own earrings to match using wire-wrapping and rosary techniques.
Warner Hutton House, Saratoga.
Class # 243-0502-01

Monday 5/6 and 5/13, 6:30-8:30 pm

Kits available by request
"KLIMTomania" bracelet and
earrings, fresh water pearls, glass, sterling silver. Leather on earrings. Color and materials may vary depending on availability, $35
"European Summer",
vintage German glass, shell, vintage Italian seed beads, sterling silver. 2-strand. Necklace and matching earrings, $30. Materials may vary depending on availability.
"Chalcedony and Woven Pearls" pendant with extendable Italian sterling silver chain and wires. $26.

BYOB - Bring Your Own Beads
Relax, listen to music, receive one-on-one attention while you have fun beading. Whether you have loose beads, an old sentimental necklace that needs a new life, a garage sale “find” that you want to redo, this is the place for you! Tools are provided. Additional materials and tools are available. All beading levels. BRING YOUR BEST READING GLASSES for detailed work.
Warner Hutton House, Saratoga
Will be announced later