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After working hard at the boutique last year,
I asked Santa for my gifts

I wanted to express my appreciation of your craftsmanship viewed last
weekend at the Holly Days Boutique. All of your jewelry pieces are
unique and beautiful, and they spoke to me on several levels. The
materials you use originate from genuine stones (not plastic beads) and
metals, you mix materials in such a way that they enhance each other
both in shape and color, and create a new Whole more intriguing than the
sum of its parts. And your workmanship is of an unusually high quality,
which I think many customers probably don't appreciate or even realize
until they've done a comparison. Your earrings match in size, scope,
color. The dangling earrings are centered and don't turn outwards or
inwards or sag lopsidedly. Chains and pendants lie on the collarbone the
way they are meant to, This may seem like a small matter, but in my
opinion it is the difference between junk and wearable art. You are a
true artiste, all of your jewelry pieces exhibit that certain something
that defines them as art. Art which enriches the viewer and the wearer.

May you continue to be inspired to create jewelry that inspires others!

R. Edmison

A very special testimony from my customer